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Exotic Wood Body Jewelry->  (46)

Glass Spirals and Hangers (20)

Hand Painted Pendants (28)

Horn and Bone Pendants->  (37)

Horn and Bone Plugs and Eyelets->  (69)

Horn and Bone Spirals and Hanger->  (108)

Nephrite Jade Body Jewelry->  (25)

Organic Earrings->  (85)

Skull and Tiki Necklaces->  (19)

Stone Plugs and Eyelets->  (166)

Stone Spirals and Hangers->  (27)

Swarovski glass body jewelry->

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All Products
Product Name Model Price  
316L Jagged Steel Pinchersstpn $31.00 
316L Solid Stainless Steel Flared PlugsSSP $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Bird Spiralsssbs $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Bolt Head TunnelsSSTL $20.00 
316L Stainless Steel ClawsSSCL $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Dayak HooksSSDH $52.00 
316L Stainless Steel Fancy HangersSTFN $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Flaming SpiralsSSFS $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Lightning ClawsSSLC $46.00 
316L Stainless Steel Mohawk SpiralsSSMS $52.00 
316L Stainless Steel Notched ClawsSTCL $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Round Head TunnelsSSTLR $20.00 
316L Stainless Steel Skull ClawsSSSB $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Snake Coilssssc $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Snake Spiralssssn $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Spiked HangersSSSH $46.00 
316L Stainless Steel Spiked SpiralsSSSS $39.00 
316L Stainless Steel Tribal ClawsSSTC $46.00 
316L Stainless Steel Vampire Clawsssvc $31.00 
316L Stainless Steel Weight HangersSSWH $46.00 
Abstract Butterfly Mother of Pearl Plugsbmopp $31.00 
Amazonite Double Flared Stone Plugsamzsp $26.00 
Amethyst Double Faceted Flared Plugs $45.00 
Amethyst Flared Stone PlugsAMSP $26.00 
Amethyst Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsamest $22.00 
Amethyst plain teardrop flared plug $45.00 
Amethyst single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Areng Wood Plugsabp $34.00 
Areng Wood Tunnelsarwt $34.00 
Areng Wood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABAWP $31.00 
Areng Wood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPAWP $31.00 
Azurite Double Flared faceted Plugs $26.00 
Azurite faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Azurite Flared Stone PlugsAZSP $26.00 
Azurite Flared Stone Tunnel Eyelets $22.00 
Azurite single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Bakerite Snowstone Flared Stone Plugsbssp $26.00 
Balinese Bone Dolphin Pendantpb6 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Double Snake Pendantpb9 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Dragon PendantBP002 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Eternal Knot Pendant - BBP17bbp17 $21.00 
Balinese Bone Hawk Pendantpb11 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Ocean Pendantpb5 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Snake Pendantpb8 $32.00 
Balinese Bone Tiki Pendant - BBP7bbp7 $21.00 
Balinese Bull Skull Pendantpb3 $32.00 
Balinese Double Twist Pendant - BBP14bbp14 $21.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP1bbp1 $21.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP10bbp10 $32.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP12bbp12 $21.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP15bbp15 $21.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP2bbp2 $32.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP3bbp3 $21.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP4bbp4 $21.00 
Balinese Hei-Matau Pendant - BBP8bbp8 $21.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP11bbp11 $21.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP16bbp16 $21.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP18bbp18 $21.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP19bbp19 $32.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP20bbp20 $32.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP5bbp5 $21.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP6bbp6 $21.00 
Balinese Manaia Pendant - BBP9bbp9 $21.00 
Balinese Style Om wood Pendant-WOP-2WOP2 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Barbed Hook PendantBWP-17 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Bat PendantBWP-09 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Bat Pendant #2BWP-12 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Creature PendantBWP-11 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Dangle PendantBWP-10 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Fishhook PendantBWP-04 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood New Age PendantBWP-08 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood PendantBWP-07 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Pendant with Mother of Pearl InlayBWP-15 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Seahorse PendantBWP-13 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Spiked Spiral PendantBWP-06 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Spiral PendantBWP-16 $18.00 
Balinese Style Wood Swan PendantBWP-14 $18.00 
Balinese Twist Bone Pendant - BBP13bbp13 $21.00 
BHP17 - Buffalo Horn Manaia Pendantbh[17 $21.00 
BHP18 - Buffalo Horn Manaia Pendantbhp18 $21.00 
Black Agate Flared Gear Tunnel EyeletBAGT $52.00 
Black Agate Flared Stone Plugsbasp $26.00 
Black Agate Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsbast $52.00 
Black Agate Skull Clawsbaskull $52.00 
Black Agate Stone Bulletsblagb $26.00 
Black Agate Stone Disk Hangersbaomega $52.00 
Black Agate Stone PincherBASPN $31.00 
Black Agate Stone Spirals and plugsbass $32.00 
Black Agate Stone Tapersbat $46.00 
Black Cat's Eye Skull Clawscesk $52.00 
Black Cat's Eye Stone Taperscat $26.00 
Black Cats Eye Flared Stone Plugsblcesp $17.00 
Black Cats Eye Gear Tunnel EyeletCEGT $36.00 
Black Glass Faceted Double Flared Plugsfablgl $29.00 
Black Obsidian Flared Stone Plugsbosp $19.00 
Black Obsidian Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsblobst $20.00 
Black Obsidian Flared Teardrop PlugsBOTDP $47.00 
Black Onyx Flared Stone Tunnel Eyelets $24.00 
Black Onyx plain teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Black onyx single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Black Star Buffalo Horn Plugssthp $31.00 
Bloodwood PlugsBWP $21.00 
Bloodwood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABBWP $31.00 
Bloodwood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPBWP $31.00 
Blue amazonite single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Blue Cats Eye Faceted Double Flared Plugscefacp $30.00 
Blue Cats Eye Flared Plugscesp $26.00 
Blue Gold stone Spiralsblgsss $32.00 
Blue Goldstone Flared Plugsblgssp $25.00 
Blue Goldstone Flared Tunnel EyeletsBLGST $46.00 
Blue Goldstone Hemicyclesbgring $26.00 
Blue Goldstone PincherBLGSSPN $31.00 
Blue Tiger eye Faceted Double Flared Stone PlugsBTEFP $32.00 
Blue Tiger eye Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsbltet $21.00 
Blue Turquoise Faceted Double Flared stone Plugs $44.00 
Blue Turquoise faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Blue turquoise single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Blue Turquoise Stone Spiralstqss $32.00 
Body Jewelry Display for plugs $80.00 - $380.00 
Body Jewelry Displays for plugs $720.00 - $780.00 
Bone Skull in Buffalo Horn Plugsskbdip $29.00 
Bone Star in Black Horn Plugsstbdip $29.00 
Bone Tribal Spiral Buffalo Horn Plugsspbdip $29.00 
BP0010 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP0010 $39.00 
BP003 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP003 $39.00 
BP004 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP004 $39.00 
BP005 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP005 $39.00 
BP006 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Manaia PendantBP006 $39.00 
BP007 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP007 $39.00 
BP008 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP008 $39.00 
BP009 - Buffalo Horn and Silver Hei-Matau PendantBP009 $39.00 
Brecciated Jasper Flared Stone Plugsbjsp $26.00 
Brecciated Jasper Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsbjst $28.00 
Bronzite single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Brown Gold stone Spiralsgsss $32.00 
Brown Goldstone Faceted Double Flared Plugsfacgssp $30.00 - $38.00 
Brown Goldstone Flared Plugsgssp $26.00 
Brown Goldstone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsgsst $29.00 
Brown Tiger Eye Faceted Double Flared Plugsfactesp $30.00 
Brown Tiger Eye faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Brown Tiger Eye Flared Stone Plugstesp $26.00 
Brown Tiger Eye Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletstest $28.00 
Brown tiger eye single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Brown tigereye stone spiralsTESS $32.00 
Buffalo Bone 5 Skull NecklaceSkull1 $52.00 
Buffalo Bone All Directions Organic Earrings - BH83BH83 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Angry Tiki pendantstiki4 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Ankh Organic Earrings - BH84BH84 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Antler Organic Earrings - BH79BH79 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Armored Spiral Organic Earrings - BH85BH85 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Black Star Plugbostpl $23.00 
Buffalo Bone Circle Star Plugbncsp $23.00 
Buffalo Bone Curled Dragon Organic Earrings - BH81BH81 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Dayak Hook Organic Earrings - BH76BH76 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Diamond Tip Organic Earrings - BH66BH66 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Dolphin Tail Organic Earrings -BH38BH38 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Double Organic Earrings - BH44BH44 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #1bbe1 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #10bbe10 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #2bbe2 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #3bbe3 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #4bbe4 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #5bbe5 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #6bbe6 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #7bbe7 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #8bbe8 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Earring Style #9bbe9 $13.00 
Buffalo Bone Elegant Dangle Organic Earrings - BH62BH62 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Filigree Curl Organic Earrings - BH53BH53 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Flame Hook Organic Earrings - BH64BH64 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Happy Tiki pendantstiki1 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Hoop with Spiral Organic Earrings - BH87BH87 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Indian Tiki pendantstiki3 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Inlay Curl Organic Earrings - BH82BH82 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Laughing Tiki pendantstiki2 $32.00 
Buffalo Bone Lightning Bolt Organic Earrings - BH86BH86 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Mexican Skull Necklaceskull8 $39.00 
Buffalo Bone Mohawk Spiral Organic Earrings - BH74BH74 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Mountain Spiral Organic Earrings - BH61BH68 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Nessie Organic Earrings - BH78BH78 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone OM Organic Earrings - BH59BH59 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Om Plugbnop $23.00 
Buffalo Bone Phoenix Wing Organic Earrings - BH70BH70 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Plugsbbp $18.00 
Buffalo Bone Razor Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings -BTH-06BTH6 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Scream Skull Necklaceskull3 $52.00 
Buffalo Bone Scream Skull Necklace with Horn Teethskull4 $26.00 
Buffalo Bone Shark Fin Organic Earrings - BH75BH75 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Simple Spiral Organic Earrings - BH77BH77 $26.00 
Buffalo Bone Skull Braceletskullbrac $45.00 
Buffalo Bone Skull Necklace with Horn Teethskull11 $26.00 
Buffalo Bone Sleeping Dragon Organic Earrings - BH58BH58 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Spiked Hook Organic Earrings - BH80BH80 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Spiked Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings -BTH7BTH7 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Sun Ray Organic Earrings - BH60BH60 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Teardrops Organic Earrings - BH69BH69 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Toucan Organic Earrings BH39BH39 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Tribal King Organic Earrings - BH56BH56 $44.00 
Buffalo Bone Tribal Teeth Necklaceskull10 $20.00 
Buffalo Bone Trinity Spiral Organic Earrings - BH63BH63 $31.00 
Buffalo Bone Tulip Organic Earrings - BH52BH52 $29.00 
Buffalo Bone Tunnelsbtnl $26.00 
Buffalo Bone Tunnels with Green Lineblnt $29.00 
Buffalo Bones Braceletbonebrac $20.00 
Buffalo Bones Necklaceboneneck $39.00 
Buffalo Horn All Directions Organic Earrings - HH55HH55 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Ankh Organic Earrings - HH45HH45 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Antler Organic Earrings - HH47HH47 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Armored Spiral Organic Earrings - HH34HH34 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Armored Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH2th2 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Bat Wing Organic Earrings - HH52HH52 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Boomerang Organic Earrings - HH29hh29 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Celtic Cross Organic Earrings - HH37HH37 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Cleated Seahorse Organic Earrings - HH4hh4 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Coil Organic Earrings - HH68HH68 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Corkscrew Organic Earringshhc $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Dancing Flame Organic Earrings - HH15HH15 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Dayak Hook Organic Earrings - HH35HH35 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Devil's Tail Organic Earrings - HH25HH25 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Diamond Tip Organic Earrings - HH3hh3 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Dolphin Tail Hoop Organic Earrings - HH81HH81 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Double Hook Triangles Organic Earrings - HH13HH13 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Double Spiral Organic Earrings - HH30hh30 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #1bhe1 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #10bhe10 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #2bhe2 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #3bhe3 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #4bhe4 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #5bhe5 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #6bhe6 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #7bhe7 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #8bhe8 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring Style #9bhe9 $13.00 
Buffalo Horn Earring with Abalone Inlayewph33 $20.00 
Buffalo Horn Elegant Dangle Organic Earrings - HH50HH50 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Filigree Curl Organic Earrings - HH83HH83 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Fish Tail Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH4th4 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Flame Hook Organic Earrings - HH61HH61 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Flaming Curl Spiral Organic Earrings - HH43HH43 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Flower Design Spiral Organic Earrings - HH80HH80 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Full Twist Organic Earrings - HH17HH17 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Half Twist Organic Earrings - HH12HH12 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Hammerhead Organic Earrings - HH46HH46 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Hanging Dragon Organic Earrings - HH73HH73 $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Hawks Beak Organic Earrings - HH85HH85 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Hook Organic Earrings - HH31hh31 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Hook Spiral Organic Earrings - HH9hh9 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Hook Split Tail Organic Earrings - HH16HH16 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Hoop with Spiral Organic Earrings - HH11HH11 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Inlay Curl Organic Earrings - HH54HH54 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Inlayed Spiral Organic Earrings - HH79HH79 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Lightning Bolt Organic Earrings - HH41HH41 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Mandala PlugsBHMP $39.00 
Buffalo Horn Mandala TunnelsBHMT $40.00 
Buffalo Horn Mohawk Spiral Organic Earrings - HH19HH19 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Mountain Spiral Organic Earrings - HH24HH24 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Nessie Organic Earrings - HH21HH21 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn OM Hanger Organic Earrings - HH78HH78 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Om Plugshop $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Oval Spiral Organic Earrings - HH27hh27 $26.00 
Buffalo Horn Painted Skull Necklaceskull2 $60.00 
Buffalo Horn Phoenix Wing Organic Earrings- HH57HH57 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Pincher Organic Earrings - HH71HH71 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Plugsbhp $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Razor Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH3th3 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Red Dragon PlugsBHRDP $39.00 
Buffalo Horn Scorpions Tail Organic Earrings - HH28hh28 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Seahorse Organic Earrings - HH2HH2 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Shark Fin Organic Earrings - HH48HH48 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Simple Spiral Organic Earrings - HH33hh33 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Sleek Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH5TH5 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Sleeping Dragon Organic Earrings - HH82HH82 $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Slithering Serpent Organic Earrings - HH5hh5 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Small Tribal Razor Organic Earrings - HH72HH72 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Curl Organic Earrings - HH36HH36 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Hook Organic Earrings - HH8hh8 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Swan Organic Earrings - HH6hh6 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiked Tribal Hoop Organic Earrings - TH1th1 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Spiral Diamond Organic Earrings - HH7hh7 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Square Spiral Organic Earrings - HH88HH88 $36.00 
Buffalo Horn Star Flower PlugsBHSFP $39.00 
Buffalo Horn Sun Ray Organic Earrings - HH49HH49 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Swan Organic Earrings - HH20HH20 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Talon - HH89HH89 $21.00 
Buffalo Horn Teardrops Organic Earrings - HH23HH23 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Third Eye Organic Earrings - HH26HH26 $31.00 
Buffalo Horn Third Eye with Holes Organic Earrings - HH86HH86 $36.00 
Buffalo Horn Tiger Print PlugsBHTPP $39.00 
Buffalo Horn Toucan Hook Organic Earrings - HH65HH65 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Triangle Spiral Organic Earrings - HH10HH10 $29.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Hook Organic Earrings - HH87HH87 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal King Organic Earrings - HH84HH84 $44.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Man Organic Earringstmh $42.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Swan Organic Earrings - HH22HH22 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Teeth Necklace #1skull7 $20.00 
Buffalo Horn Tribal Teeth Necklace #2skull13 $20.00 
Buffalo Horn Trinity PlugsBHTP $39.00 
Buffalo Horn Trinity Spiral Organic Earrings - HH18HH18 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tulips Organic Earrings - HH42HH42 $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tunnelsbht $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Tunnels with White Linebllht $34.00 
Buffalo Horn Vampire Skull Necklaceskull9 $52.00 
Buffalo Horn Withering Rose Organic Earrings - HH32hh32 $26.00 
Carnelian agate single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone concave Shaped Flared Plugswhcar $22.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone Faceted Double Flared Plugsfacp $21.00 - $42.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone Flared Plugscasp $25.00 
Carnelian Agate Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletscast $29.00 
Carnelian faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Carved Black Rose Horn PlugsCBRHP $36.00 
Carved Borneo Horn PlugsCDHP $36.00 
Carved Cherry Flower Horn TunnelsCCFP $36.00 
Carved Flames Horn TunnelsCFHT $36.00 
Carved Pink Flower Horn PlugsCPFP $31.00 
Carved Red Flower Buffalo Horn PlugsRDCHP $31.00 
Carved Red Texas Star Buffalo Horn TunnelsRTXSTP $36.00 
Carved Rosace Buffalo Horn TunnelsRSCP $36.00 
Carved Rose Buffalo Horn PlugsCRSP $29.00 
Carved Spider Buffalo Horn TunnelsSPDP $34.00 
Carved Star Buffalo Horn PlugsCRVSP $36.00 
Carved Star Buffalo Horn TunnelsCSBHP $29.00 
Carved Swirl Horn Hollow PlugsCSLHP $36.00 
Carved Texas Star Buffalo Horn TunnelsTXSTP $36.00 
Carved Tsunami Buffalo Horn TunnelsTSNHP $36.00 
Clear Quartz Crystal Flared Stone Plugscqsp $26.00 
Clear Quartz Flared Tunnel EyeletsCQST $26.00 
Crazy lace agate single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Crazy Lace Agate Stone Flared PlugsCRZAP $21.00 
Crocodile Wood PlugsCWP $21.00 
Crocodile Wood TunnelsCWT $26.00 
Crocodile Wood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABCWP $31.00 
Crocodile Wood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPCWP $31.00 
Dalmation Jasper Flared Stone Plugsdjsp $26.00 
Dalmation Jasper Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsdjst $20.00 
Dalmation Jasper Stone PincherDJSPN $31.00 
Dark Palm Wood PlugsDPWP $23.00 
Dark Palm Wood TunnelsDPWT $23.00 
Dark Wood Inlay PlugsTWOWP-1 $23.00 
Dark Wood Inlay TunnelsTWOWP-3 $23.00 
Dark wood single flare plug boards $156.00 - $224.00 
Double Triangle Buffalo Horn Spiral Organic Earrings - HH1HH1 $31.00 
Dyed Turquoise Stone Flared Plugsdtsp $26.00 
Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Inlayed Horn Plugseemopp $31.00 
Fire cherry quartz single flare plain glass plugs $32.00 
Flourite Flared Stone Plugsflsp $26.00 
Flourite Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsflst $27.00 
Flying Bone Dragon Organic Earringsdbh $42.00 
Fossil Jasper Flared Stone Plugsfjsp $26.00 
Fractal Horn TunnelsFRHT $29.00 
Fragipani Flower Black Horn Plugsffbp $34.00 
Ganetri Bead Holy Braceletskull6 $13.00 
Ganetri Bead Holy Necklaceskull5 $20.00 
Glass body jewelry $0.00 
Glass body jewelry $0.00 
Glass body jewelry $0.00 
Glass body jewelry $0.00 
GP001 - Ganesha 55mm PendantGP001 $52.00 
Green Aventurine Stone Flared Plugsgasp $25.00 
Green Aventurine Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsgravst $27.00 
Green Aventurine Stone SpiralsGASS $32.00 
Green Aventurine Teardrop Flared PlugsGATDP $47.00 
Green Gold stone Spiralsgrgsss $32.00 
Green Goldstone Faceted Double Flared PlugsGGSFSP $22.00 - $32.00 
Green Goldstone Flared Plugsggssp $25.00 
Green Jade faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Green jade single flare plain plugs $32.00 
Green jade single flare plain plugs $32.00 
Green Marble Flared Stone Plugsgsmsp $25.00 
Green Spot Marble Flared Stone Plugsmasp $23.00 
Green Turquoise Flared Stone Plugs $0.00 
Green turquoise single flare plain plugs $32.00 
Handcrafted Body Jewelry Display 12 x 24 Black $700.00 - $800.00 
Handcrafted Body Jewelry Display for plugs $760.00 - $860.00 
Handcrafted Body Jewelry Display for plugs $750.00 - $850.00 
Hawaiian Flower Horn TunnelsHFHT $23.00 
Hematite faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Hematite Flared Stone Plugshsp $26.00 
Hematite Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletshest $26.00 
Hematite single flare plain stone and metal plugs $32.00 
Hematite Stone Spiralshemss $32.00 
Horn Dragon Organic Earringsdhh $44.00 
Howlite Stone Flared Plugswhsp $36.00 
Howlite Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletswhst $28.00 
Indian Agate Stone Flared Plugsiasp $26.00 
IP0010 - Shiva 40x55mm PendantIP0010 $52.00 
IP0011 - Buddha Enlightenment 40x55mm PendantIP0011 $52.00 
IP0012 - Lotus Sun Symbol 30mm PendantIP0012 $32.00 
IP0013 - Ganesha 30mm PendantIP0013 $32.00 
IP0014 - Dancing Ganesha 30mm PendantIP0014 $32.00 
IP0015 - Surya 30mm PendantIP0015 $32.00 
IP0016 - OM Power 30mm PendantIP0016 $32.00 
IP0017 - Ganesha 30mm PendantIP0017 $32.00 
IP0018 - Krishna Radha 30mm PendantIP0018 $32.00 
IP0019 - Buddha Enlightenment 30mm PendantIP0019 $32.00 
IP002 - Shiva 55mm PendantIP002 $52.00 
IP0020 - Saraswati Swan 30mm PendantIP0020 $32.00 
IP0021 - Ganesha 30mm PendantIP0021 $32.00 
IP0022 - Ganesha 30mm PendantIP0022 $32.00 
IP0023 - Ganesha 30mm PendantIP0023 $32.00 
IP0023 - Krishna Radha 30mm PendantIP0024 $32.00 
IP0025 - Buddha Enlightenment 30mm PendantIP0025 $32.00 
IP0027 - Ganesha 30 mm PendantIP0027 $32.00 
IP0028 - Shiva 30mm PendantIP0028 $32.00 
IP0029 - Buddha Enlightenment 30mm PendantIP0029 $32.00 
IP003 - Buddha Enlightenment 40x55mm PendantIP003 $52.00 
IP0030 - Brahman Marriage 30mm PendantIP0030 $32.00 
IP004 - Buddha Enlightenment 40x55mm PendantIP004 $52.00 
IP005 - Buddha Enlightenment 55mm PendantIP005 $52.00 
IP007 - Ganesha 40x55mm PendantIP007 $52.00 
IP008 - Krishna Radha 40x55mm PendantIP008 $52.00 
IP009 - Yogi Enlightenment 40x55mm PendantIP009 $52.00 
Jade double flared faceted plugs $28.00 
Jade double flared plain plugs $24.00 
Jade green Faceted double Flared Plugs $48.00 
Jade green Flared Stone Tunnel Eyelets $42.00 
Jade Maori Circle of Life Pendant - JP005JP005 $125.00 
Jade Maori Double Twist Pendant-JP0010JP0010 $125.00 
Jade Maori Double Twist Pendants-JP0012JP0012 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP0013JP0013 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP0014JP0014 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP0017JP0017 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP0018JP0018 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP004JP004 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP007JP007 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendant - JP008JP008 $125.00 
Jade Maori Hei-Matau Pendants-JP0011JP0011 $125.00 
Jade Maori Koru Pendant - JP002JP002 $125.00 
Jade Maori Koru Pendant - JP003JP003 $125.00 
Jade Maori Pendant in Setting - JP006JP006 $125.00 
Jade Maori Pendant set in Sterling Silver - JP0015JP0015 $125.00 
Jade Maori Pendant set in Sterling Silver - JP0016JP0016 $125.00 
Jade Maori Twist Pendant - JP009JP009 $125.00 
Jade Maori Twist Pendant-JP001JP001 $125.00 
Jade Marble Flared Stone Plain Plugsjmsp $26.00 
Jasper Picture faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Labradorite Faceted Double Flared Plugs $44.00 
Labradorite faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Labradorite Flared Tunnel Eyelets $0.00 
Labradorite single flare plain stone plugs $42.00 
Lapis Faceted Double Flared Plugs $38.00 
Lapis faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Lapis Lazuli Flared Stone Plugslpsp $26.00 
Lapis Lazuli Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletslpst $23.00 
Lapis single flare plain stone plugs $44.00 
Large Solid Wood EarringsLSWE $16.00 
Large Wood Earring HoopsWEH3 $16.00 
Large Wood Hoop with Shell Dangle EarringsWHSH2 $19.00 
Lavender Glass PincherLGPN $31.00 
Leopardskin Jasper Stone Flared Plugslsjsp $26.00 
Light Wood Inlay PlugsTWOWP-2 $23.00 
Light Wood Inlay TunnelsTWOWP-4 $23.00 
Little Wood Square EarringsLWSE $14.00 
Mahogany Obsidian Stone Flared concave Shaped Plugsmowheel $21.00 
Mahogany Obsidian Stone Flared Plugsmosp $26.00 
Mahogany Obsidian Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsmost $46.00 
Malachite Flared Stone Plugs $0.00 
Maroon Star with Circle Horn PlugsMSWCP $29.00 
Medium Wood Earring HoopsWEH2 $14.50 
Medium Wood Hoop with Shell Dangle EarringsWHSH1 $16.00 
Millefiori glass black single flared plain glass plugs $38.00 
Millefiori glass blue single flare plain glass plugs $38.00 
Millefiori glass green single flared plain glass plugs $38.00 
Millefiori glass red single flare plain glass plugs $32.00 
Millefiori glass yellow single flared plain glass plugs $38.00 
Millefiori Green plain teardrop flared plugs $22.00 
Millefiori Red plain teardrop flared plugs $34.00 
Millefiori Yellow plain teardrop flared plugs $0.00 
Mookaite plain teardrop flared plugs $0.00 
Mookaite single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Naodelite Flared Tunnel EyeletsNAST $26.00 
Naodelite Stone Flared Plugsndsp $26.00 
Natural clear quartz single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Nephrite green jade faceted teardrop $36.00 
Nephrite jade hangers for body jewelry $68.00 
Nephrite jade spirals $68.00 
Nephrite jade tunnel eyelets $0.00 
Ocean jasper single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Onyx Stone Omega HangersBAOH $36.00 
Opalite ClawsOpCl $26.00 
Opalite double flared plain, wheel and concave shaped plugsOWP $23.00 
Opalite Faceted Double Flared Plugsfacopsp $29.00 
Opalite Flared Tunnel Eyeletsopst $27.00 
Opalite plain teardrop flared plugsOTDP $47.00 
Opalite Spiralsopss $32.00 
Opalite Stone Flared Plugsopsp $19.00 
Opalte single flare plain glass plugs $32.00 
Orange Aventurine Stone Flared Plugsoasp $26.00 
Orange Resin Flared Plugorp $26.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #1OWE1 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #10OWE10 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #11OWE11 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #12OWE12 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #13OWE13 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #14OWE14 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #15OWE15 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #2OWE2 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #3OWE3 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #4OWE4 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #5OWE5 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #6OWE6 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #7OWE7 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #8OWE8 $16.00 
Organic Wood Earrings Style #9OWE9 $16.00 
Paired single flared plug boards $312.00 - $448.00 
Palm Wood and Horn PlugPlwp $34.00 
Palm Wood Plugspwp $29.00 
Palm Wood Tunnelspwt $29.00 
Peach Aventurine Flared Stone Plugspasp $21.00 
Picasso Jasper concave Shaped Flared Plugs with HolePJWP $22.00 
Picasso Jasper Flared Stone Plugspjsp $26.00 
Picasso Jasper Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletspjst $38.00 
Picasso Jasper Stone PincherPJSPN $31.00 
Picture Jasper Faceted Double Flared Plugs $22.00 
Picture Jasper Flared Tunnel Eyelets $34.00 
Picture jasper single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Pink Circle Star Buffalo Bone Plugsbnpkpl $23.00 
Pink Glitter Resin Flared Plugspgrp $34.00 
Pink Heart Hollow Horn PlugsPHHP $36.00 
Pink Star Buffalo Bone Plugspkstp $23.00 
Pirate Skull Horn PlugsSKLHP $31.00 
Purple Glitter Resin Flared Plugsprgrp $34.00 
Pyrex Glass Coil Hangerspg5 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Coil Spiralspg19 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass dichro Spiralspg20 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Spiralspg7 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Spiralspg2 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Twist Hangerspg3 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Twist Hangerspg23 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Double Twist Hangerspg7 $52.00 
Pyrex glass heart shaped long spiralspg15 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Heart Spiralspg8 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Hooked Spiralspg1 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Hooked Spiralspg12 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Long Spiralspg4 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Pincher Spiralspg14 $52.00 
Pyrex glass shaped spiralspg6 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Spiralspg18 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Spiralspg10 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Spiralspg11 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Twin Spiralspg9 $52.00 
Pyrex Glass Twist Hangerspg13 $52.00 
Red Agate Flared Stone PlugsRAFSP $17.00 - $21.00 
Red Circle Star Buffalo Bone Plugsrdstp $23.00 
Red Club Hollow Horn PlugsRCHHP $36.00 
Red Coral Flared PlugsRCSP $13.00 
Red Coral plain teardrop flared plugs $46.00 
Red coral single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Red Glitter Resin Flared Plugsrgrp $34.00 
Red Millefiori Flared Stone Plugs $0.00 
Red Spade Hollow Horn PlugsRSPDP $36.00 
Red Star Buffalo Bone Plugsrsp $23.00 
Red Star Hollow Horn PlugsRSHP $36.00 
Red Star with Circle Horn PlugsRSWCP $31.00 
Red Swirl Buffalo Horn Plugsrdswp $39.00 
Red Tiger Eye faceted teardrop flared plugs $45.00 
Red Tiger eye Flared Stone Plugsrdtgsp $26.00 
Red Tiger Eye Flared Tunnel Eyeletsrtest $27.00 
Red tiger eye single flare plain plugs $32.00 
Red Tiger eye Stone Faceted Double Flared Plugsfactgesp $22.00 - $32.00 
Red Tigereye Stone PincherRTSPN $31.00 
Rhodonite Stone Flared Plugsrdsp $26.00 
Rhodonite Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsrhst $26.00 
Rose Quartz Faceted Double Flared Plugsfacrqsp $30.00 
Rose Quartz Flared Stone Plugsrqsp $26.00 
Rose Quartz Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletsrqst $22.00 
Rose quartz single flare plain stone and quartz plugs $32.00 
Ruby zoisite single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
Saba Wood Earring with Wood Pickewpw17 $20.00 
Saba Wood Plugssawp $34.00 
Saba Wood Tunnelssabwt $34.00 
Saba Wood with Abalone Inlay Plugsabswp $31.00 
Saba Wood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPSBWP $31.00 
Serpentine Jade Stone Flared PlugsSRPFP $25.00 
Shiva Eye Inlay Horn PlugsSHVHP $36.00 
Silver Fire Buffalo Horn Plugsfscp $34.00 
Silver Spiderweb Buffalo Horn Plugsspscp $31.00 
Silver Tsunami Buffalo Horn Plugswscp $31.00 
Single flare plain and faceted plug boards $150.00 - $224.00 
Single flare plain and faceted plug boards $112.00 - $224.00 
Small Wood Earring HoopsWEH1 $13.00 
Snowflake Obsidian Flared Stone Plugssfosp $21.00 
Snowflake Obsidian Omega Hangerssosh $39.00 
Sodalite Flared Stone Plugsslsp $25.00 
Solid Wood Fashion Oval EarringsWFO $14.00 
Solid Wood Feather EarringsWSF $14.00 
Solid Wood Om EarringsWOME $14.00 
Solid Wood Oval EarringsWOE $16.00 
Solid Wood Rounded EarringsSWRE $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #1soe1 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #10soe10 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #11soe11 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #12soe12 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #13soe13 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #14soe14 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #15soe15 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #16soe16 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #17soe17 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #18soe18 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #19soe19 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #2soe2 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #20soe20 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #21soe21 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #22soe22 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #23soe23 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #24soe24 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #3soe3 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #4soe4 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #5soe5 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #6soe6 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #7soe7 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #8soe8 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring Style #9soe9 $16.00 
Sono Wood Earring with Wood Pickewpw16 $20.00 
Sono Wood OM Pendant-WOP4WOP4 $18.00 
Sono Wood Om Pendant-WP01WOP1 $18.00 
Sono Wood OM Pendant-WPO3WOP3 $18.00 
Sono Wood Plugssowp $34.00 
Sono Wood Tunnelssnwp $34.00 
Sono Wood with Abalone Inlay PlugsABSNP $31.00 
Sono Wood with Mother of Pearl Inlay PlugsMOPSNWP $31.00 
Spider Man Buffalo Horn PlugsSPMNP $39.00 
Spot Agate Stone Flared Plugssasp $25.00 
Synthetic Amethyst Stone PincherSASPN $31.00 
Three Hole Horn TunnelsTHHT $36.00 
Three Wave Horn Tunnels3WVT $36.00 
Tiger eye concave shaped double flared plain plugswhtig $21.00 
Tiger Iron Flared Stone PlugsTIFSP $20.00 
Tiger Iron Stone Flared Tunnel Eyeletsteist $28.00 
Tigereye Stone PincherTESPN $31.00 
Tri-zen Buffalo Horn Plugstzbhp $39.00 
Tri-zen Carved Horn Tunnelstrizenhp $49.00 
Turquoise Flared Stone Plugsstqsp $26.00 
Turquoise Flared Stone Tunnel Eyeletstqst $39.00 
Two Waves Horn Tunnels2WHT $36.00 
Unakite Flared Stone Plugsunsp $26.00 
White howlite single flare plain stone plugs $32.00 
White Jade Flared Stone Plugswjdsp $26.00 
White Jade stone concave double flared plugswhwhj $36.00 
White Star Buffalo Horn Plugswstp $39.00 
White Star Hollow Horn PlugsCWSHP $36.00 
White Star with Circle Buffalo Horn Plugsblstp $47.00 
White Swirl Horn Plugswhswp $39.00 
White Texas Star Horn PlugsTXSHP $31.00 
Wood Chili EarringsWCHE $14.00 
Wood Coin Shaped EarringsWECS $14.00 
Wood Cutout EarringsWCOE $14.00 
Wood Cutout Spade EarringsWSPE $14.00 
Wood Diamond EarringsWDE $14.00 
Wood Organic Earring DanglesWOED $16.00 
Wood Oval Earrings Triangle CutoutWOETC $16.00 
Wood Rectangle Cutout EarringsWRE $14.00 
Wood Rectangle EarringsWRCE $16.00 
Wood Thin Trapezoid EarringsWTTE $14.00 
Wood Trapezoid EarringsWTE $14.00 
Yellow Burmese Jade Stone Flared Plugsybjsp $26.00 
Yellow Glitter Resin Flared Plugsygp $23.00 
Yellow Jasper concave Shaped Double Flared Plugs with HoleYJW $26.00 
Yellow Resin Flared Plugs - 12mmyrp $16.00 
Yellow turquoise single flare plain plugs $44.00 
Yellow Turquoise Stone Flared Plugsytsp $26.00 
Zebra Skin Buffalo Horn PlugsZSBHP $39.00 
Zebra Skin Buffalo Horn TunnelsZSBHT $40.00 
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